About PHA

An Innovative Approach to Education

Prospects Hockey Academy, located in St. Peters Missouri at the RecPlex Ice Rink, has developed an educational model that provides a challenging and nurturing learning environment, along with a development platform to advance and augment our student's athletic skills and competencies. We’ve constructed dedicated areas for learning, eating, socializing, strength building, skill development and on-ice training. 

Starting with our classroom, we’ve converted our 5000-square-foot learning space and partitioned it into open learning hubs for both collaborative and independent work. Students will have the ability to work openly if needed or find focus areas for quiet and direct attention when necessary. Our teachers and learning coordinators will leverage a plethora of resources to help engage and communicate with students through the use of smart boards, laptops, mobile devices, and televisions.

Augmented extracurricular activities throughout the day will help provide the means to develop strength through regular conditioning on-site with Trainology.  Trainology coaches have experience working with youth athletes and are certified, providing expert guidance and training in an environment that’s safe and efficient. The program is designed to enhance speed, agility, power, mobility, and strength, helping athletes prepare for higher levels of competition.

Along with strength training, students will attend daily skill development sessions through on-ice and off-ice regimens with highly skilled and experience hockey coaches & trainers. Our instructors will help evolve and grow our student’s core hockey skills with a skating, shooting, stickhandling and passing curriculum that will nurture overall game IQ and increase confidence in higher levels of competition.

Prospects Hockey Academy is passionate about creating a better alternative to the traditional school model. Our mission is to provide an environment that will enrich and nurture student-athletes, building confidence while developing their athletic passions and academic goals.

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