Fitness & Wellness

Strength & Conditioning with Trainology

Trainology is an onsite training facility where all our students will receive age specific training that will increase coordination, reaction time, quickness, and power. Our students will be always under professional supervision to ensure proper techniques and methods that will enhance their athletic development.

Cognitive Training with IntilliGym

Award-winning computer-based cognitive training platform scientifically proven to enhance awareness, improve anticipation, and boost on-ice decision making.

On-Site Athletic Trainer (STL ATC Services)

On site licensed Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) by St. Louis Athletic Training Services. STL ATC will provide onsite sports medicine for Prospects Hockey Academy. With over 25 years of experience in sports medicine, owner and operator, Mike Heffner, has served as an ATC for professional and youth hockey, high school athletic programs, NCAA athletic programs and competitions, and club teams. He advocates for and executes prompt assessment and appropriate treatment of injuries to guide athletes through safe rehabilitation and prevention of sport ending outcomes.

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